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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My Life This Past Week

I am posting this for my sweet friends who have no idea why I have been 'missing in action'.

One week ago today (and about this time) I experienced an 'episode'. Long story short, I ended up needing a pacemaker after having way too many 'episodes' and...(this is the 'good part') flatlining twice..Yep...you read that right.

I just got home a few hours ago and except for being sore, I'm doing ok.

One day, I will post about my 'death' experience, but right now, I need to catch up on emails, posting and whatever else has become a part of my life before this interruption..!!!


Mack said...

So glad you are back Rosemary:)

Rita said...

You take your time getting caught up dear, Take care of you, we all want you well!! Love ya Roe ((Hugs))

Jennifer Moore said...

I am SO glad you are home, sweet lady! We have missed you terribly. Thank you, Lord, for keeping our Roe safe and for bringing her back home!!!

Trisha said...

I've missed you so much, Roe. I'm so glad to see you back. HUGS!

JeNn said...

I am so glad you are ok Roe. I was worried about you. How scary that must have been for you!! Take care and I love ya!! :0)

Katt said...

So glad you are home Miss Roe! We missed you over at paper. I was so excited to show you my card, and then you up and disappeared on me! I'll forgive ya though! ***HUGS***

Beth said...

Welcome Home Roe so glad you are okay I was missing you all week please take care of yourself what a scare you must of had.

Amber said...

So happy your back Roe! Everyone at Cuttlebug Challenge has missed you and we're so glad you're feeling well! You are in my Prayers.