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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

HoneyBee Showcase-Pinwheel

What a fun week this is at Betty Bee's Buzz!! Our theme this week are pinwheels and the HoneyBees came up with awesome takes on the challenge.

As for me, I decided to do two layouts using a 12x12 piece of cardstock to make a pinwheel.

Of course, you know I had to do one of Ian and then one of Nina!!

Be sure to stop by Betty Bee's Buzz and check out what we have to share with you today.  Don't forget...we love seeing your projects too!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

HoneyBee Showcase-Corrugated Cardstock

Today at Betty Bee's Buzz, the HoneyBees are showing their take on this week's Monday Motivational by HoneyBee June; CORRUGATED CARDSTOCK!!..

This challenge gave me a chance to dust off my Fiskar's crimper!  I'm sure we all have those tools that we forget we have, but come in so handy when needed.

For my card, I cut scallop circles using my Mother's Day Bouquet cartridge.  For the vase (bowl) I used my Sizzix die and my Cuttlebug die for the leaves.

Be sure to check out Betty Bee's Buzz and share with us you CORRUGATED design!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

HoneyBee Showcase-Iris Folding

Hi everyone!!..Today at Betty Bee's Buzz, we are showing our creations doing the Iris Fold technique. I have not done this technique in such a long time and enjoyed trying a new pattern.  I found this pattern at Circle of Crafters along with so many other cute patterns to choose from.

Head over to Betty Bee's Buzz and check out what the HoneyBees have to share with you this week!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

HoneyBee Showcase April 20

Welcome to this weeks HoneyBee Showcase where we are teaming up with Jingle Bells.  As we HoneyBees like to call it...Cross Pollinating!! As the site name would suggest, we are doing Christmas Cards and the challenge is to use some type of die cut. 

Here is my card

                                                              ....and when opened

Products use: My Mind's Eye cardstock
Versafine ink
ColorBox chalk ink
Joanne and Offray ribbon
Cricut Cartridges Lacy Labels and Paper Doll Dress Up
Just Rite Stamps

Be sure to check out Betty Bees Buzz and Jingle Belles!! Don't forget to take the challenge which you can enter on both sites!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

HoneyBee Showcase April 13

This was a new challenge for me; Freezer Paper Stenciling!!..I wanted to do a place setting and decided to use my Pagoda cartridge to get the Asian look I was going for. I tried countless number of times to get the top part of the vase (that had the flowers), but the cut was to intricate and kept giving me a hard time. I decided to just use the base and from the same cartridge do a couple of flowers. So much easier!

The fold of the napkin is quit simple. I put the 'right' side down and folded it in half and then half again. This gave me a square. Then taking the top point, bring it down half way. Last step is folding back the sides. I wanted to make a pocket to hold the chopsticks! For my paint I used Tulip (Matte) Soft Fabric Paint. The vase is a mix of blue and green; the flowers are pink and orange.

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

HoneyBee Showcase April 6 Babies

Baby toes, baby cheeks..gotta love a baby!!..What other little creature do you get excited over when  he or she makes first little poopie?...lol..The funniest skit I ever saw was Bill Cosby (years ago) getting all excited about this 'new' thing the baby did.  Our very own Miss Betty has a brand new sweet smelling little granddaughter, Paisley.  Since our challenge this week has to do with 'babies', I did a layout of this precious little girl.  When I see Betty, I will give this layout to her.

For my layout I used my new embossing rubber mat and embossing tip. I love how it worked on vellum; sorry I don't remember what cartridge I used for the frame.  Paisley was done using Cursive 101.  The border was done with my Fiskars border punch.

Be sure to stop by Betty Bee's Buzz to see what the HoneyBees have for you today and take our baby challenge!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Buzz Brag and Bee Happy Friday April 1

Well, I finally got a project done!! It felt good getting into my scraproom and playing with my stash. I have been wanting to use my Imaginisce magnets that I purchased and never used. While visiting Target, I found the cutest journal on sale for under $3.00. The book is canvas and such a cool print that I didn't want to cover it up. I did a search and found the idea for the flower magnet book closure, but no matter how many times I looked at the YouTube video, I just wasn't getting it to work. So, I came up my own method and it works!..The flowers are glued to the magnet and then the magnet is glued to the book. It took a few tries with ribbon and found the lighter ribbon works best. I did a decorative cover inside to hide the ribbon and everything is secure. So, do the Ns look a little funky? They should. I didn't have any Ns, so I used a couple Ms and cut them..I think it works with the album..lol..

Inside the journal I will help Nina set it up to be more than just a journal. When we were at the Mall, she found a journal that had comments for her to answer..Cool and very fun. So, I cut a few mats for photos. Example would be her photo on the first page. She can write 'me' and give the color of her hair,eyes, etc. There will be a page for anyone she wants listed and also questions like her favorite song, book, colors..whatever..This should be fun working with her to get it started. Hopefully, I can get a photo once the pages get filled in some.

Stop by Betty Bee's Buzz and share with us your crafts, something fun and exciting happing in your life or just to say hi!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday Motivational 3/7

Welcome to our Monday Motivational at Betty Bees Buzz!!

Today I will be showing you how to do Spirelli or 'string art'.

For some of you this may be a new technique and for some, just a reminder of a technique we sometimes forget to use. This is such an easy technique allowing you to make various designs to work with your project.

The first thing you need is your template. This can be cut with any cutting machine, manual or electric. What also works well too are Nestibilities. Don't forget to do a search online for free templates.

For my sample I used a pattern from one of my Nestibilities.

Tape the end of your string to the back of the template. I keep the string on the spool since I have no idea how much I will need.

As you can see from the photo, you start by bringing the string to the front and depending on your design, bring it down and then under the cardstock to your point B. Bring it up so you start again at the next groove to the starting point. Bring that down to your new 'B' and go under and keep going. You will notice the string crosses over.

When I do my design, I keep going until there 'diamond' shapes for each groove. This also helps me keep track should I get distracted.

Depending where you bring your part A to meet part B will determine how much space you have in the middle. By bringing the string from A to B close, you will have more space in the middle to add whatever you would like.

Here is a different edged shape.

Here are two cards I made using a cut from my Lacy Labels cartridge. By changing the size on my Design Studio, I was able to get an oval shape.

The center for this one was just big enough to fit the flowers in. The center was done using my I-Top!

Using the original shape, a circle, I designed this to have a larger opening.

I would like for you to notice that I cut little slits on this template to hold the string. This allowed me to used this super cool cut and not have my string move on me.

I sure hope my instructions were easy enough to follow and please, if you have any questions let me know. I would love to see your 'spirelli' on our Wednesday HoneyBee Showcase!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

HoneyBee Showcase February 9

Ribbons..ribbons..everywhere ribbons!!!..Our challenge this week at BettyBees Buzz was to be creative with ribbon!..I thought it would be fun to do a card with braided ribbon in 3 different colors and since I needed a birthday card, I was set to rock the challenge!!..

I use a glass 12 x 12 'mat' on my work table and this allowed me to tape the 3 ribbons for easy braiding.

Be sure to check out BettyBees Blog to see what the HoneyBees have to share with you this week!!..We would love to see your creative take on ribbon!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Buzz Brag and Be Happy Friday 2/3

I am so excited to share with you my fun SWARM weekend in Punta Gorda!!..Last weekend, our Miss Betty had one of her awesome SWARMs and I had the opportunity to host 'Rosie's Casino'. This is just what I needed after spending time in the hospital. Of course, it also gave me the motivation to get well and though I was not quite there, I was well enough to go, host and have a blast!!..
On a previous SWARM, I had mentioned that the Chippndales were going to be at Rosie's Casino and guess what...the 'chipsndales' were there! I found clipart online of the Chip and Dale, printed them on 8 1/2 x 11 and cut. A little added Copic was used to highlight some of the features. I then saved some that had various hats and using my Paint Shop Pro, cropped the hat, sized it to fit my 'guys' and then glittered them up. Now, you know they needed clothes!!..I made templates of the bow ties and 'briefs', scanned them and then had my Make The Cut cut them for me. Taking a $10.00 bill from my husband, I scanned that and sized it for tucking in...lol..

Now, what would the point be having them there if they weren't going to dance??!! I was going to dance with them, but breathing was not too good for me that day. So, Betty was sweet enough to do her thing with 'my guys'!!! You can't hear the song to well, but it's 'I like to Move It'...How can you not 'move it' when you hear that song?!!..lol..

After a day of games, fun and prizes, we had chocolate covered cherries and non-alcoholic champagne!

Be sure to stop by Betty Bees Buzz to see what the HoneyBees have for you today and if you make a comment or share with us something you would like to 'brag' about, you may win our February Blog Candy!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

HoneyBee Showcase Feb. 2

Our challenge this week at Betty Bees Buzz was to do something in hearts!!..Also, Betty had shown us a site belonging to Valita who does the most awesome cards with hearts that I thought I would take her idea for inspiration and run in a different direction with it.

I took the heart and flipped it so now it became a circus tent!!..If you look at Valita's site, you notice that her hearts are cut and folded to make his and her clothing. Not sure why I pictured it upside down and tent, but here is my take on her project.  Thank you Valita for the inspiration!!

not sure if you can see inside the tent, but that's a gorilla (who got away) sticker..lol..
Head over to BettyBeesBuzz to see what the HoneyBees have for you this week!!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Thank you Myrna for the award!!

What a sweet surprise to receive this award from a very talented lady, Myrna.  It's always nice to be recognized and thought of.  I will now share with you 8 things about me and then it will be my turn to pick 8 talented ladies so I can pass this on.  (yikes!..only 8)....

1.  I love pizza and beer
2.  Love to dance even if it's now just in my seat..lol
3.  I have 2 handsome sons
4   I have two beautiful grandchildren
5.  I have two special daughter in laws
6.  Love early 60's music..think Motown
7.  Love Stephen King stories
8.  Love spending time with my special scrapping friends

Now it's my turn to share a little love'n


HoneyBee Showcase 1-26

What a fun technique I just learned!!..Thank you to Tori for showing us how to do any easy silhouette on Betty Bees Buzz Motivation Monday.

I found a Christmas photo of Ian and mom puckering up to kiss.  How perfect!!  After cutting out the two heads, I pained them with Americana Deco Art acrylic paint.  So easy!!!  After it was dried, I then painted in the opposite direction. 

Head over to Betty Bees Buzz to see what our design team has to share with you and give it a try!!..We would love to see you Silhouette!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Buzz Brag and Bee Happy 1/21

I would like to share with you an album I did, along with my daughter-in-law, back in 2004.  It all started when Jeff and Sam returned from NYC with two cute China doll dresses for Nina to wear.  We thought how fun it would be to bring Nina to Epcot and dress her themed for each country.  I would like to mention that I do not sew, but was able to make her a kimono!! I just love iron on binding..lol This was a two day affair with Jeff joining us the second day.  Nina was so good at allowing us to change her clothes and allowing cast members to hold and interact with her.  The girl from Morocco dressed Nina with clothing from their store and my heart melted when I saw her and swelled to see people standing around as if Nina were a celebrity. When we arrived at England, the girl there dressed Nina in a dress that cost about $150.00!!..Wow, what a fun surprise since I couldn’t buy it to dress her in. Nina was just learning to stand so we were excited to get her standing up ‘holding’ the lion in China. This album was also done before I knew off all the scrapbooking supplies out there and maybe that is why this is my favorite, because I created it.  The first album I ever did was the baby shower; this was my second or third album.

If the album does not open, but remains black, please click on it for the slide.  Thanks  Seems like there still may be a problem.  Click on 'view all images'.  sorry...

Wow..where have I been.  I am just now realizing that the online program I used for videos is no longer available.  First chance I get, I need to fix this!!

Monday, January 3, 2011


Just a quick message to all my visitors...I'm still in the hospital.  I was admitted the day after Christmas and didn't expect any 'other' problems.  As it turned out, I have MRSA. 

Don't forget to check out Betty Bees Buzz today and see the cute calendars she has to share with us.

Have a great day and a Happy New Year!!