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Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday Motivational 3/7

Welcome to our Monday Motivational at Betty Bees Buzz!!

Today I will be showing you how to do Spirelli or 'string art'.

For some of you this may be a new technique and for some, just a reminder of a technique we sometimes forget to use. This is such an easy technique allowing you to make various designs to work with your project.

The first thing you need is your template. This can be cut with any cutting machine, manual or electric. What also works well too are Nestibilities. Don't forget to do a search online for free templates.

For my sample I used a pattern from one of my Nestibilities.

Tape the end of your string to the back of the template. I keep the string on the spool since I have no idea how much I will need.

As you can see from the photo, you start by bringing the string to the front and depending on your design, bring it down and then under the cardstock to your point B. Bring it up so you start again at the next groove to the starting point. Bring that down to your new 'B' and go under and keep going. You will notice the string crosses over.

When I do my design, I keep going until there 'diamond' shapes for each groove. This also helps me keep track should I get distracted.

Depending where you bring your part A to meet part B will determine how much space you have in the middle. By bringing the string from A to B close, you will have more space in the middle to add whatever you would like.

Here is a different edged shape.

Here are two cards I made using a cut from my Lacy Labels cartridge. By changing the size on my Design Studio, I was able to get an oval shape.

The center for this one was just big enough to fit the flowers in. The center was done using my I-Top!

Using the original shape, a circle, I designed this to have a larger opening.

I would like for you to notice that I cut little slits on this template to hold the string. This allowed me to used this super cool cut and not have my string move on me.

I sure hope my instructions were easy enough to follow and please, if you have any questions let me know. I would love to see your 'spirelli' on our Wednesday HoneyBee Showcase!!


April said...

Very pretty! You did a great job1 I haven't done Spirelli in a long time. Might have to try it soon.

Sandy Ang said...

That's so interesting. I love the geometry and will have to try it sometime as an embellished flower for my cards.