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Monday, March 30, 2009

Making your own EMBOSSING PASTE!!

This photo shows the supplies you will need to make your own embossing paste and to do your project. Yep, you see that right, it's spackle!!! You can find this in your supercenter or hardware store. I think I may have gotten this at Walmart and it is not expense at all. Maybe a couple dollars!!. This says 'fast'n final lightweight spackling'. Also shown is painters tape, chalk, plastic knife (lost my better craft spatula), embossing plate, paper plate and glitter.
Ok, we are ready to get started!! Set your embossing plate on the cardstock you want to work with. Using painters tape, tape all four sides.
Take some of the spackle and put it on the paper plate. Put the lid back on the tub so the spackle will not dry out. You are now going to make embossing paste!!..Take how much you think you may need; I always work with more just to be sure. The way I get my color is to take my old chalks and scrape some of the chalk with the knife over the paste. You determine how much color you want to work with. Remember you can always add more chalk and if it's too dark, just add a little more of the white spackle. Now, you want to keep mixing until all the color is evenly mixed and the texture is creamy.
Yes, this is the same blue..the camera changed the color!!..Take your knife and start putting the embossing paste on your embossing plate until the design is completely covered. Once it's all applied, start swiping if off. Keep doing this until the only paste showing is that in the design itself. Be sure to wipe your knife after each swipe. Keep working until it looks like the next photo. If I had used an embossing plate that didn't have a design so close to the edges, I wouldn't have to bring it out so far. The main thing, no matter what embossing plate you are using, is to cover all the design.
Be sure to check those little edges. You may need to reapply a little to fill it in. Yep, sometimes you will swipe away and it will pick up where it shouldn't. No problem, just fill it in.
While still wet, sprinkle glitter over the design. Then, remove the painters tape working backwards. Lift the embossing plate and there you will have your finished design. Soak your plate immediately for easy cleanup.
Here is the finished card all set and ready to go!! Cuttlebug embossing folders swiss dot and textile were used to give the card extra texture.
Here is a close up of the card; you can see the raised embossing. Pretty..isn't it??!!
Some of you asked how I did the icing on my Be Inspired #24 project and now you can see how easy it is to do!! Follow step 3 with mixing your color (chalk) until creamy and mixed well. This time, transfer a glob of paste to your icing area. With your fingers, you will mold the icing until it looks like the real thing. I tapped a few times with the knife to give it a more puffy effect. While still wet, I sprinkled some pink glitter, let it set and then lightly sprayed the glitter with hairspray to hold it all in place. You will find the heavier the cardstock, the better since your cardstock will 'warp' a little. You don't notice it in the final project thought.


Trisha said...

OHHHH! You know I am a sucker for anything that sparkles!! I am SOOOO doing this! THANK YOU!

Katt said...

oooohhhh, a new technique! Love this......will have to give this a try! That card is sooooo PRETTY!

Carol said...

So pretty, Thanks so much for sharing how you did that.

Beth said...

Oh Rosemary this was so cool and you know I had to give it a try you can find mine here
Thanks for such an easy tutorial and a money saver too boot, and I also love the card you did.

Shirley said...

How pretty and what a great technique. I am so glad you showed how you did it too. Now if I can just remember to do it! I love how the whole card turned out.