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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Trophy Winner

yep, that's me!!..Not the best picture since I wasn't feeling well this past weekend. But, it certainly didn't stop me from having a great time!!..This is the card I made from the challenge pieces we all received and was instructed to make a card. We could add, but not take away from what Betty sent us. If you look further back in my blog you will see where I had posted the card and what the inside looks like. It was from a demo I had see of Michael Strong the designer of 'silver linings'. It opens into a shadow box and you can let your creativity do it's job to complete the project. My award was for 'most technical' with 5 catagories in all. I am so sorry I didn't get a photo of all the entries. Kristi Dricoll, Sandy Brathwood Claire Walz, Janet Kohr and Bonnie Boyd who also won trophies for their winning entries.

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Mack said...

Your Artwork is nice:)