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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Our Dance

I can not begin to tell you how special it was for me to be dancing with my son at his wedding.  When we discussed what song should be played, my first thought was Baby Mine from the movie Dumbo.  Ok, so it's a cartoon, but boy do I cry when that scene comes on.  As it turned out, Elizabeth found the song on the internet to play so Joey could hear it.  Needless to say, I started crying like a mama fool.  I realized that would be the wrong song because I did not want to cry while dancing with my son and if I did, well if people are like me seeing a mom cry, they would cry too.  So, my second choice was the lullaby theme from Rosemary's Baby.  I found the most beautiful instrumental that lasted all of about 1 minute.  Guess I need to watch the movie again to see where this was played.  Since this was a wedding on October 31st and Joey is my baby (even though he is the oldest, both my boys are my babies), how much better could it get to play this song!  When it came time to dance, the MC included the name of the song as I requested; it was perfect!!  I was so taken by the moment, I have no idea what was so funny that it had me laughing.

This layout was based on a sketch from Trisha at Sketch Inspiration.  Be sure to stop by her site and see the awesome sketches she has to share.


Sandy Ang said...

How touching, the story behind your lovely LO !

melody said...

aww..what a beautiful story! and wow..gorgeous lo ~ and beautiful color tones